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Summer Fruit

Who we are

Summerfruit srl was established in 2001 to market plants, fruit and products for agriculture.

Innovation, experience, careful observation and knowledge of the agricultural world are the key factors of the activity carried out in these years.

Initially it developed strongly proposing in the world market a new variety of actinidia with an early ripening and a particularly pleasant taste: the Summer 3373.

It was the first new green-fleshed variety to be sold on the world market as a club that was established in the most important producer countries in the world: Italy, France (with the creation of the company Summerkiwi France together with the SCAAP KIWIFRUIT DE FRANCE Labatut group), Chile, Argentina, New Zealand.

The hectares planted are about 800 in the world.

The variety still remains, according to many, with an extraordinary taste, thanks to a lower acidity and a high dry matter and sweetness.





The Summerfruit thanks to the research and experimentation of products for agriculture has created the Bioyethi brand capable of formulating fertilizers that can help plants resist disease and more.



Summerfruit Srl

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Via Farosi, 435 Castel Bolognese (RA) - Italy